NMP Engineering provides field evaluation, analysis, design, permit acquisition and coordination for water resource projects and in support of transportation projects of all sizes and modes. Our goal for all of our work is to provide constructible and maintainable facilities while minimizing impacts on surrounding environmental resources and adjacent stakeholders.

Professionally Qualified

All of our key employees hold professional certification and licensure in their field of expertise, including:

  • Professional Engineer
  • Certified Floodplain Manager
  • Geographic Information Systems Professional
  • MARTCP Technician Certifications
  • Maryland SHA ESC Yellow Card
  • Maryland ESC Responsible Personnel (Green Card)
  • Planning and Scheduling Professional
  • 10/30 Hour OSHA

Water Resources Engineering

A dynamic approach to managing water and its surrounding landscape

Environmental Services

Solutions for environmental and natural resource needs in the private and public sectors

Construction Services

A full range of staffing solutions to ensure quality in government construction & related operations